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HighGlossDolls presents a selection of the fashion photoshoots for the Fräulein Ehrhardt label.

Katja Ehrhardt is a designer based in Hamburg, Germany who specialises in making latex lingerie.
Shortly after opening her online shop 2006 she decided it would be practical to start shooting her own images, doing everything from the models' hair and makeup, to designing and creating the outfits and then to shooting the photographs to create her unique look!

She has also achieved a rare success for latex fashion in receiving equal amounts of attention from more mainstream crowds, with her photography and website being featured in magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse in various countries. In fact, so many people have shown interest in her images, that she is now more famous for her photography then for her outfits!

Dear gentlemen!
Please respect their privacy and do not try to contact the dolls via this site. We protect their identities as far as they wish it.

Please note:
We do not arrange any escort-services.
We don't forward fan mails or presents to the dolls.
We don't give out information about their marital status or whereabouts.

Dear models:
If you are interested in modeling for highglossdolls, please send us an email with some recent photos (face and full length body) and some information about yourself, including where you live, your measurements, height and the kind of photos you can be booked for (e.g. topless/ full nude etc)

Katja Ehrhardt