Care instructions

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Apply silicone oil, latex-care products or talcum powder at all times.

Store below 26Degrees C and away from heaters. Avoid damp storage conditions.
Larger items like dresses or suits can be put on plastic hangers in a clothes bag.

Keep away from flames as rubber is flammable.

Silicone oil (available from us) provides maximum shine, care and protection, and is highly skin-compatible.
Use a damp, soft cloth or sponge to apply the oil evenly and thinly.

Wash your items by hand in warm water. If necessary, a small amount of detergent or mild liquid soap can be added.
Dab off excess water with care and let dry thoroughly from both sides or blow-dry briefly with low heat (keep a fair distance). Do not put away items that are still damp .
Latex sticks together once you wash off the protective layer of oil or powder.
Treat 0.2 and puffy items with silicone oil while still in wet condition (e.g. by pouring some oil in the water)

Water and sweat can cause temporary milky-white marks, especially on semi-transparent latex. Allow to dry completely, the marks will disappear after a while.

Never use oils, solvents or greases like baby-oil, Vaseline, or body lotions.
Do not use lotions etc. shortly before wearing latex.

Do not expose latex to prolonged or even partially to sunlight – UV-rays cause fading and discolouring to light coloured latex.

Protect your clothing from oxidation by ozone. Silicone oil provides effective protection. Pay attention to careful storage.

The shiny surface can be tarnished or scratched if polished too firmly or with too hard a cloth. Use your palms or a lint-free and soft cloth to apply silicone oil/latex care.
White, semi-transparent and light colours require careful handling to avoid discolouring.

Be careful with make-up and lipstick. Also ball pens, permanent marker etc.

Avoid contact to copper and copper containing alloys which will stain light coloured latex brown. Be very careful with metal-parts, accessories, costume jewellery and shoe-buckles. Metal particles on your skin, e. g. from belt buckles, jeans-buttons, fake jewellery or coins can cause extensive discolouring.
Do not put latex on coloured or rusty surfaces.

Nicotine and nicotine-stained fingers can cause yellowing and discolouring.

Strong colours can discolour lighter ones, e. g. red combined with transparent or white. Keep the colours separated by using tissue paper as an interface layer, or powder such items for storage.

Stretch the material gently and evenly while dressing and undressing.
Be careful with your finger and toenails.
Oil or powder your skin and the inside of the clothes as a dressing-aid.

The glossy surface of latex can be permanently scratched if you attemptto polish it hard with a dry cloth so take care that your polishing cloth does not dry out when polishing.


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