Repairs & Alterations


Latex seams are generally glued, so if an outfit rips, it is most of the time possible to glue this rip back together. Of course the repair will not be invisible, especially with translucent colours, you will see it, but we will do our best to make it as pretty as possible.

When is it impossible to repair? 

  • Some garments break because the latex it just very old and has reached the end of its life cycle. Even if a repair is theoretically possible, it wouldn´t make much sense because it will rip right next to it very soon. In that case it is time to give them a hug goodbye.
  • Chlorinated latex can be repaired if they are made of 0.3mm thick latex or thicker. It is tricky (and more time consuming) to repair because of the closed/altered surface.
  • Very thin latex in general is very difficult to repair and if the rip is very long it is also impossible

It is recommended to send us some photos of the damage so we can have a look and give you our opinion and estimated cost.


The same is true for altering an outfit that you already have. Please send us photos and measure how much smaller or larger on what places its needs to be.

Dont feel shy to ask us for these services if the garment is from another supplier, we wont mind!