What is chlorination?


Chlorination is a chemical treatment which is applied to the finished garment and has many advantages:

  • the surface becomes more slippery and sleek and is therefore much easier to put on
  • the latex loses it “ stickiness” so powdering or oiling is optional
  • the treatment can make it possible for allergics to wear it (please ask us for a test sample so you can test if it works for you)

Disadvantages of chlorination:

  • the garment feels slightly stiffer at first, but this wears off when you have worn it for a while.
  • repair is more complicated and with very thin latex even impossible, as the surface needs to be opened again


Although it is not necessary to oil the surface for wearing or storing your treated garments, you will still need apply oil or care products from time to time to deep-treat it.


Not all garments can be chlorinated, because the treatment does not allow metal or fabric to be  attached. Wherever it is possible, you will find the chlorination option with the article in our shop.